The Dos and Don'ts of Guest Blogging for SEO

The Dos and Don'ts of Guest Blogging for SEO

Guest Blogging for SEO

The Dos and Don'ts of Guest Blogging for SEO

If you want to rank higher and boost website traffic, then you can't miss these dos and don'ts of guest blogging for SEO.

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Guest blogging, or guest posting, is the practice of submitting a blog post to the website of an influential blogger. But what exactly can you gain from creating content for someone else?

There are several key benefits to guest blogging. When a blog post is shared on an authoritative website and backlinks to your own site are included, this helps to raise the authority of your own site.

But there is an etiquette to follow when creating a guest blog post and it is important that you follow it.

In this article, we'll talk about the dos and don'ts of guest blogging for SEO.

Do Pitch New Content Ideas for Guest Posts

It can be very tempting to offer up old ideas or to simply try to rehash your previous posts when you're pitching for a guest post. It is essential that you don't do this. Nobody wants second-hand content on their blog.

You should treat the blog that you are creating a guest post for with the same respect that you would treat your own blog posts.

Remember, while the post may not be on your own home site, your name will generally go on the post, so if you're rehashing old content this won't look good for you.

Make sure all of the content that you pitch is as fresh as possible.

Do Create a High-Quality Guest Post

Running off a quickly written half-baked guest post is not going to win you any favour with the blog owner and it's certainly not going to drive any traffic to their blog.

Remember, the content that you are creating for the blog needs to be good enough that it drives people to the site. If you're not trying to create content that does this, then there is no point even trying.

Guest blogging is a two-way street. You need to create the best content possible in exchange for valuable backlinks.

Do Follow the Guest Post Guidelines Thoroughly

If the site that you are guest blogging on has written guidelines for guest bloggers to follow, show them the courtesy of actually reading them and following them.

If they want posts on a certain topic; write based on that topic. If they want you to follow a certain writing style, or to format your post in a certain way; do it.

Showing that you respect the wishes of the site owner will mean that you'll be more likely to get asked back in the future.

Do Carry Out Research on the Site You’re Pitching to

When it comes to pitching, you should do your research. Find out what type posts they have accepted in the past. Read the posts that are currently on the site and get an idea of what their most popular posts are.

While you shouldn't be trying to mimic material that is already present on the site, it is important that you have a good idea of what works and what doesn't.

Don’t Use the Same Post on Multiple Blogs

When you're pitching your ideas to bloggers don't use the same blog that you've pitched to another blogger.

If you've already written or pitched the idea for someone else, you shouldn't be trying to get the same post published elsewhere. Having the same post duplicated across multiple blogs will affect the authority of any of the sites in question.

While you may be wanting to blog on the same subject across multiple blogs, you should look for different ways to convey your message.

Don't Demand That Your Post Be Published

It's up to the blogger to decide what is published on their site and when. Even if you've created a blog post that you think is great, it is still up to the blogger to decide if and when it should go up at all.

The blogger may have their own guidelines for providing guest posts. If you've not followed these correctly, then you may end up losing out.

If the blogger tells you that they've rejected the post, ask them if you can make revisions and for some feedback. Then, if they allow you to resubmit, do so having made the changes that they have requested.

Politeness costs nothing, and while your primary goal may be to get backlinks, you should also think about building a network too.

Don't Submit Irrelevant Guest Blogs

Make sure that the posts that you are submitting to another site are relevant. If your subject matter doesn't match up with the theme of the blog, then it is unlikely to get approved by the blogger.

Make sure and research the site before submitting guest blog ideas.

Don't Pester Bloggers to Let You Post

Site owners that accept guest blog posts will receive emails from people pitching ideas all of the time. It is unlikely that you'd be the only person that they are talking to presently about guest posting.

If you don't get a reply straight away, don't panic. Leave it a few days before you even think about sending them a follow-up email.

If you pester a blogger, you're not likely to do yourself any favours. All you will do is irritate them and they may end up ignoring you completely.

If you do need to follow up on an email that you've sent, make sure that you are polite and patient.

Getting the Balance Right When Guest Blogging

When guest blogging, always remember that you're submitting to someone else's site. You must try your best to be polite at all times. Make sure that you follow the guidelines that the blogger has set and pitch good quality, original content.

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