Is Your Content Stolen? Here's How You Can Report

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Is Your Content Stolen? Here's How You Can Report

Is Your Content Stolen?

Is Your Content Stolen? Here's How You Can Report

One day you wake up and find a website duplicated your original content without your permission. What should you do in this situation? We have prepared a guide for such unpleasant situations.

If you have a website or blog or an online shop, there is a chance that your original content has been published on some random blog or website without proper attribution at least once. Sometimes your content materials are not copied directly from your blog, a little bit modified, but the result is based on your content. What should we do in this situation? Let's check how we can find out and report it.

How to Find Out Stolen Content?


write your URL on Copyscape

First, we should find which blogs or websites copied our content. There are several tools for it.Copyscape is one of these tools. All you should do write your URL on Copyscape. It will search which pages and websites reposted your original works. Copyscape is free to use. But, to see all results you should sign up for a premium account.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an easy way to find copied materials quickly, and this tool is completely free!Google Alerts is a content detection and notification service by Google. This service sends e-mails to the users when it gets new results-such as newspaper articles, web pages, scientific research, or blog-that match users' search terms.

How to Remove Stolen Content?

Let's say we found stolen content. What should we do now?

Contact Directly

It is better to contact directly with the website that duplicated your content. Most blogs and websites have a contact form on their websites. Or even e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Inform them that you are the owner of this content, and they do not have to duplicate your content without your consent. In most cases, they will apologize and remove your content from their blogs or websites. But it does not happen all the time. If the webmaster of this website is slow to respond, or he ignores your request, another option is to notify Google.

Report Web Spam

People who realize that the original content on the website is copied by another website can easily benefit from the Google spam complaint service and may get the other websites to be penalized for stolen content. In such cases, first of all, this address of Google should be clicked. Then click on the "Report web spam" button at the bottom of the page.

Here, in the first field, the address of the website that duplicated your content is written. In the second space, the exact query that shows a problem should be added. Then additional information can be added to the last space. Finally, click on the "Report Webspam" button. Thus, the complaint request will be made to Google.

In the additional details section, the reason for the complaint should be briefly stated. In this way, the website complained of will be penalized by the Google search engine as soon as possible.

Another way is to file a complaint against a blog that duplicated your content via Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This should be done through Google Webmaster Tools.

How to Stop This Issue From Happening Again

Unfortunately, there is no any proven way to prevent your original content from being stolen. But, some things you can do to protect content and decrease the chances of it being stolen and shared on other blogs or websites without your permission.

You can create a Terms of Use page, also add a copyright notice that someone can not use without your permission. This will let other blogs know that they can not use it. Add this required information to a Terms of Use page. It will prevent your content from being duplicated.

Content duplication is a problem from the first years of the Internet. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to prevent it. In this article, we have listed some of these ways. What are you doing to protect your original content from being stolen? Share below. And if you need original content for your blog, check our professional fully managed blog writing packages.


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