How To Win In The Web During The Crisis

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How To Win In The Web During The Crisis

How To Win In The Web During The Crisis

How To Win In The Web During The Crisis

Your online business might begin to fall during the crisis. But it doesn't have to be like that. Discover how to win in the web during the crisis.

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The coronavirus pandemic spells disaster for the world economy. While it has to predict at this stage, unemployment is at record highs, the stock exchange has plummeted, and the world is braced for an impending recession.

During the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to close their doors. Those that have been able to have made changes to the way that they operate to allow employees to work from home.

But as the impending economic depression looms, how should you protect your business?

You’ll want to know how to win in your online business during the crisis.

But what can you do during the lockdown and social distancing measures to ensure you’re company is not eroding?

Here’s how you can take a proactive approach to effectively use your company’s downtime to improve your website and operations.

Find New Ways of Working

Adapting to the changes in the way that the world works will be a challenge for many businesses. You need to find new ways of working that are both productive and cost-effective.

If possible, get your employees to work from home.

Set up communication channels so that you can engage with your team wherever they are. Slack is a great instant messaging tool that is effective in the workplace.

Using video conferencing from services such as Zoom! will improve the quality of your communication. You can hold full team briefings and get feedback from your team in a way that ensures that nothing gets misunderstood.

When managing the workload of your team, factor in distractions, they may have if they have young children in their homes. You may need to offer flexibility in their working hours to maximize productivity.

Use the Downtime to Carry Out a Full Site Audit

If your business is going through an abnormally quiet spell due to the current pandemic, to avoid a future business crisis, spend some time making proactive changes to your website so that it generates more leads once the current situation eases.

To assess the changes that you need to make, you should carry out a full audit of your site.

Look at carrying out the following:

These checks may be time-consuming. However, they will improve the way that your website works as well as the amount of organic traffic you’ll receive.

Carry out Security Checks

The security of your website is essential. It is even more important if you handle any personal data from your customers as you will be a target for cybercriminals.

Take the following steps to make sure your site is secure:

You may also want to consider looking for a managed service provider that can keep a tight watch on your systems to ensure there are no weaknesses.

Carry out Usability Tests

The experience that visitors have when using your website will make the difference between whether they become customers or not.

When your website was set up, it may have been fully tested before launch. However, following multiple updates, it may have developed glitches that could put users off and cause them to abandon their visit.

Your usability tests should be carried out on a range of different devices, using different operating systems and browsers. This will ensure that your website is functional from anywhere that it is accessed.

Carry out the following tests:

You should also look at having your website explored by people that may not be regular visitors to your site. Using heat mapping tools, you will be able to see how users interact with your website, and it will give you an insight into how easy it is for visitors to find their way around.

Using SEO to Increase Your Customer Leads

During the economic downturn, it is essential that you keep proactively moving and developing your business.

A key area that you can look to improve is your search engine optimization.

Many people will apply SEO practices to any new content that they add to their website. However, there may be content that already exists that is not fully optimized.

Now is a great time to improve that existing content and improve the domain authority of your site, so it sits higher in the rankings.

By making these changes to all of your existing content, it is more likely to feature higher in the search rankings.

How to Win With the Best SEO Support

Search engine optimization is a vast area. We’ve touched on some of the changes that you can make to your on-site SEO. However, there are also aspects such as your local SEO, which are essential for driving your business.

It is worth connecting with a specialist SEO company to create a bespoke plan of action for improving the organic traffic to your site. An SEO company will show you how to win at driving website traffic, particularly during the current crisis.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your push your business forward with our expert SEO during the current crisis.


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