9 Reasons Why Link Building Is Crucial for SEO Campaigns

9 Reasons Why Link Building Is Crucial for SEO Campaigns

9 Reasons Why Link Building Is Crucial for SEO Campaigns

9 Reasons Why Link Building Is Crucial for SEO Campaigns

There are many components of your SEO campaign, but this guide shows 9 reasons why link building is crucial for SEO campaigns.

Link building might be one of the greatest ranking factors. However, the amount of attention it receives doesn’t reflect that.

Marketers often overlook this aspect of SEO, and it might be because Google cracked down on bad backlinks years back. Still, this shouldn’t have affected the good backlinks or those earned through white hat tactics.

That said, it still holds the same importance to our SEO strategies today. Keep on reading how it can boost your SEO and website ranking.

1. Good for Rankings

Google likes sites with a lot of backlinks. That’s because those backlinks are good signals to the search engines.

More backlinks mean that your website is a good resource. After all, those sites won’t be linking back to you if you don’t have quality content. You’re worthy of citation, which has a direct effect on your SEO rankings.

You’ll notice that the top websites have massive amounts of backlinks. It can be the reason why your competitor is ranking higher than you — they have more backlinks.

Google sees a backlink as a vote of confidence. A high amount of votes will get you to the top of the ranks.

2. Improves Your Reputation

However, you have to mind where those votes are coming from. Not all votes are equal, and it depends on the reputability and authority of the site.

A backlink from, say, The Washington Post is much more valuable than a link from an obscure blog website. Link building can improve your reputation, but only if you’re associated with reputable websites, too.

In some cases, you may even get penalized for bad backlinks. If you use blackhat link building techniques, Google will give you a penalty, no matter how many your backlinks are.

3. Passes Link Juice

It’s not only the association with good websites that earn you high rankings. It’s also the link juice or link equity. It’s a ranking factor that refers to the value that a website passes over to another via a link.

That’s why the website’s authority, HTTP status, topical relevance, and other factors are important. They determine the value of the SEO links.

In our example above, the link equity from The Washington Post adds more value to the receiving site. In turn, this will help the SEO of that site.

Of course, this will only work if it’s a dofollow link and not a nofollow. The latter sends a signal to search engine crawlers to ignore the link.

4. Gives More Traffic

Having backlinks from established websites will also get you a lot of traffic, which is also a ranking factor. You’ll reach the audience of the other websites and get referral traffic.

The bigger the audience they have, the bigger the traffic you’ll get. They trust the website enough to follow the link to you.

What’s good about this is it’s a sustainable long-term strategy for getting more traffic to your site. The backlink will stay there as long as the webpage is up, so you’ll get value from it for a long time.

5. Helps Google Crawlers

To Google, links are also like streets or highways. Search engine crawlers use them to go from one webpage to another and from one website to another.

As such, having backlinks help crawlers discover your page. This is important because crawlers gather information, which Google then uses for ranking.

If a crawler hasn’t discovered a web page yet, it won’t rank. It’s like an undiscovered island that won’t appear on the map unless an explorer finds it.

Search engines don’t only crawl once, though. They crawl your sites and web pages regularly to keep their data fresh and updated.

6. Builds Website Metrics

Building backlinks also help you improve more than a few metrics. The Domain Authority, as we’ve discussed above is one, but others are as important in ranking.

Think of these as the scores of your site. The higher your scores are, the better your ranking.

They indicate your site is healthy, and Google likes healthy websites. This then leads to improved exposure and visibility.

7. Produces Great Content

The foundation of link building is great content. No reputable website will want to link back to you if you have nothing to offer them and their audience.

That’s why you’ll have to pay attention to the kind of content you produce. This isn’t only necessary for link building, but it also works out for your site as a whole.

Having great content can also increase your organic traffic. It alone can help build your reputation and cement your authority in your industry. You’ll earn social shares, loyal readers, and even customers with great content.

8. Helps You Reach New Audiences

Reaching a new audience and market is a hard task for any marketer. Link building can help you with that, though.

Like we said above, a backlink can also earn you referral traffic. Their audience will also be your audience. You can use this to break into a new market.

You can build links on websites that have your target market as their audience. This way, you’ll slowly build your mark among them. In time, you’ll establish yourself as an authority voice in that segment.

9. Widens Your Network

Link building also involves reaching out to websites you want to get a backlink from or guest post in. As you know, it must be websites relevant to your niche. Otherwise, Google will not be happy.

This means you’ll be building relationships with authority figures in your industry. This opens up more possibilities for your website and business.

You won’t only get a backlink, you’ll also widen your network. This is crucial for finding new opportunities for SEO and growing your business.

Have a Great Link Building SEO Strategy

Link building has even more benefits than what we’ve stated above. However, you have to know how to build links that will get you the mentioned benefits.

It’s a time-consuming process, but we’re here to help. Contact us today for help with solid link building strategies.

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