7 Stunning SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Ranking in 2020

7 Stunning SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Ranking in 2020

7 Stunning SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Ranking

7 Stunning SEO Trick and Tips to Land Higher SEO Ranking in 2020

SEO tricks are the key to success for your online business. Check out the stunning tricks to make you rank higher than your competition in 2020.

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The first-page result in an organic google search on average receives 71 percent of clicks and less than 6 percent of searchers click on something from the second page.

After looking at those percentages, it's needless to say, how important it is to rank on the first page of a google search.

Having your SEO set up properly and using SEO tricks are necessary for every business owner. So we put together a list of stunning SEO tricks to help you land a higher ranking and get in on the first-page search result.

1. Engaging Content

The content you put on you're website and social media pages play an important role in how well your business will perform online.

Creating content that is appealing and engaging should be your number one goal.

No matter how well your SEO is set up if your content isn't good enough for viewers to like it, stay on your page, and follow you, then it doesn't matter at all. You can have all the traffic coming into your site from good SEO, but if the content doesn't match then they will bounce off your site with one simple click.

Search engines are also smart if the content on your site doesn't match or not found valuable, then you will never rank high in searches. Create content that is valuable and engaging for your viewers.

2. Page Optimization

If you want to rank higher on search engines, then you're going to need to optimize all the words and content on your website. This means you are including the correct keywords in your site and optimizing your title tags, descriptions, content and headers.

This will ensure that customers are able to search easily for keywords and find exactly what they are looking for. This also influences your SEO and Google rankings.

When editing the title tag make sure to include your keywords in the front, but make sure it's easy for viewers to understand and read.

3. Social Media

Setting up your social media pages not only helps with your SEO but also for digital marketing. When you have your social profiles set up, they play a factor in your search engine ranking.

You want to make sure you have linked your company website to your social profiles, this will boost your search ranking.

On top of that when you post relevant content from your website to your social profiles, it gives viewers a chance to like and share it. This can make a tremendous difference in your organic traffic and ranking.

4. Alt Text

You can add alt text to all of your images on your website. Typically when you add an image onto your site it has a generic name full of random numbers and letters. You want to type in a description of the image instead.

Google's advanced technology will go through your website and try to read images. By adding in a description, it explains to search engines what the image is about and can help you rank higher for your niche. Make the description short and sweet!

Not only that but it also helps with the accessibility of your content for those with vision impairments. Not to mention, the website must now be accessible to everyone and follow the ADA regulations - this includes adding in alt text to all images.

5. Link Boosting

Another great way to land a higher ranking is by linking building. When you link your content to another website, it builds a connection and shows your site is associated with the domain authority of this other site.

You can also social link boost by doing this through social media as well. When your content on social media is shared onto another domain authority, you will be recognized with more authority from that other social handle.

This also shows google that you are creating and sharing valuable content - which enhancing your site and credibility.

6. Improve Engagement

Google recognizes when you have a strong user engagement through your site and social media. If you have good engagement, then google will reward you for that and rank you higher in searches.

So how do you create more engagement? Glad you asked, here are a couple of things you can do.

  • Use images: Adding high-quality images is crucial to creating good content. This helps break up long blocks of text and is more pleasing to the reader.
  • Use videos: Videos have been increasingly been more popular and are a big part of digital marketing.
  • Give Value: As we discussed earlier, having valuable content is the most important thing to SEO. Make sure your content is giving the reader exactly what they want and search for.
  • Easy Read: Everything you create should be easy to look at and read. No one wants to see harsh colors or huge blocks of text.

Implement these into your content creation, and the viewers will engage more!

7. Site Testing

Ensure that you are testing everything on your website and social media pages. You should be routinely checking your links and pages for errors or issues. Making sure the user experience is easy and convent is critical.

You also want to make sure your website is optimized for speed, if it takes forever to load, chances are your bounce rate will skyrocket and that will greatly hurt your google ranking.

SEO Tricks

Following these SEO tricks and tips will bring in more followers, better engagement, and ultimately help you rank much higher in searches. Now start optimizing your site and creating valuable content!

If you need help with your SEO and optimizing your website, contact us today and we will help you start ranking higher!

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