7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing can help your business reach more people online if you have the right strategy. Here are mobile marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

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Worldwide, by 2025, 72 percent of people will only use their smartphone to access the internet. That means, if you're making mobile marketing mistakes, your small business is losing out.

Eliminating basic mobile marketing mistakes will increase engagement and sales conversions. Your small business will be even more successful with the right strategy.

To help you identify anything you might be doing, or not doing, in your mobile marketing that could hurt your brand and business, we've put together a list of 7 things to keep an eye on. Read on to learn what you can avoid or improve.

1. Not Having a Mobile Strategy

No matter what you are doing to market your company or your products, if you don't have a mobile strategy in place, you're going to suffer. Deciding you want to add a mobile element to your marketing will lead to mobile marketing mistakes.

Ask yourself how mobile marketing will fit your brand, your goals, and your ability to sell your product or your service. Take time to set measurable goals. Think about what success will look like when you add a mobile strategy.

If you go into a mobile marketing campaign without having put in place a plan, your efforts will be random. You won't know if you are succeeding. There's a good chance you'll waste time and money.

2. Not Picking the Right Way to Target Each Audience Segment

Your audience is made up of different people with different demographics and behaviours. They will each have preferences as to how they receive your marketing messaging. If your mobile marketing strategy is one-size-fits-all, you'll miss hitting all of your audience with your campaign.

Do your research to understand how your audience receives their information. Use a combination of SMS, email, and social media to make sure each segment of your audience gets your message.

Sending everyone on your customer list or lead list an SMS message or a tweet is one of the common mobile marketing mistakes. Just because texts and tweets are mostly viewed on mobile platforms doesn't mean each of your customers prefers those platforms.

3. Using the Same Message and Not Optimising It for Each Recipient

Just as using the same platform to target all your customers doesn't make sense, neither does sending the exact same message to each one. Mobile marketing allows for optimized messaging. Not sending personalised messages targeted to individuals is a mistake that many mobile marketers make.

Messaging should also be crafted with the platform of choice in mind. What works well for social media or SMS won't work as well in email. SMS can handle images now, but that doesn't mean it's best to load your marketing texts with gifs and photos.

Settling for one consistent message across all formats is a mistake we see a lot. Write your marketing content to suit each mobile platform you are going to use. You'll see greater engagement because the message makes sense on that platform.

4. User Experience Not Optimised for Mobile

A common, but easy-to-fix mobile marketing mistake is to not have the mobile experience optimized for mobile use. Websites that aren't mobile-friendly don't work anymore. Your customers on mobile devices expect their user experience to be as good as the people visiting on a desktop or laptop.

Create a new website for mobile use or adjust your current one to do the same. Make sure you have an online experience that is powerful, intuitive, and search-engine-optimized for your customers no matter what device they use to access it.

5. No Mobile-Friendly Payment Option

If your mobile marketing strategy is aimed at selling products then you should have a mobile-friendly payment option enabled. Not allowing people to pay through mobile-friendly platforms hurts businesses in their mobile marketing strategy.

Your payment system should be integrated into your mobile website. The mistake in not having this integration is that you make it harder for a customer to make the purchase. That means you risk not converting the interest into action.

You should also look at mobile-specific payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay.

6. Fear of GDPR

Another entry on the list of mobile marketing mistakes is fear of non-compliance with GDPR and AVG regulations. Concern about violating these regulations that came into effect in 2018 has led some businesses to reduce or stop their mobile marketing campaigns.

However, complying with GDPR and AVG isn't as hard as people think. It's worth taking the time to explicitly get permission to contact your leads. Doing this means you can still maintain a mobile marketing presence.

Make sure you take the following steps:

  1. Include a clear privacy policy in your marketing campaigns
  2. Make sure the privacy policy is also clearly stated on your website
  3. Provide an obvious option to opt-out of marketing campaigns
  4. Provide an opt-in option when reaching out to new leads

7. No SMS in Mobile Strategy

A mobile marketing strategy without an SMS component is a common mistake for small businesses. Adding SMS is an easy, cost-effective, and comprehensive way to reach your customers.

To engage in SMS marketing you need to conform to strict spam regulations. These regulations are more comprehensive than email marketing. Make sure you do the research to ensure compliance.

The best thing about SMS marketing is that almost every one of your customers has a mobile phone and is comfortable texting. It's a great way to direct special offers and "insider" information to people who have opted in to receive your messaging.

Mobile Marketing Mistakes Can Hurt Your Brand

Many small businesses make at least one of these mobile marketing mistakes. Eliminating them from your mobile marketing strategy and campaigns will result in better engagement and conversions.

Have a plan. Target people as relevantly as you can. Make it easy for people to engage with your marketing content on their mobile devices.

Optimizing online content is what we do best. We're here to help your small business conduct mobile marketing without the common mobile marketing mistakes. Contact us today to discuss our SEO options.

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