7 Benefits of Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Benefits of Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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7 Benefits of Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for tools to boost your digital marketing strategy, social media may help. Here are benefits of social media for your company's marketing.

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The digital marketing industry is worth an estimated $43.8 billion globally.

This valuation shows just how much the balance has shifted in the world of marketing in recent years. The expansion of the online world has made many traditional marketing approaches almost irrelevant.

When it comes to the online world, possibly the most significant area of growth in recent times has come in the form of social media.

Read on as we look at the seven biggest benefits of social media marketing for your business.

1. Ease of Use

Anyone with basic knowledge of a computer, tablet, or cell phone can post content on social media. Even if you're not a computer whiz, you can use social media to communicate messages to prospective clients.

What's more, you can do it from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else. Many successful online marketers create and post content on the go.

While it's easy to make social media posts, creating content of real value is a different story. Enlisting a professional service to help you create content (like blog posts or videos) for your social media platforms will help you to attract more leads and keep you free to concentrate on your business.

2. Size of Audience

Around seven in ten adults in America use social media regularly.

When you're selling on Instagram or Facebook, you can potentially speak to the whole world. If even a tiny percentage of these listeners like what you say or how your product looks, your business will begin to grow exponentially.

If your business is a localized one (such as a law firm) you can use local SEO to ensure that the majority of your online exposure is in your vicinity. This means that your marketing efforts won't be wasted on social media users in Sydney when your business is in New York.

3. Cost

One of the best things about social media compared to other marketing platforms is its affordability. Because social media posts are free, companies are no longer required to spend crippling percentages of their budget on marketing.

The playing field is therefore much more level in marketing than it was before the dawn of social media. The competition between firms is now to create the best content, rather than to spend the most money.

Not only does this give emerging firms a chance to compete with giants in the industry, but it also means that truly creative marketing content is given the chance to shine.

4. Visuals

Humans nowadays are easily distracted creatures. If you don't grab their attention quickly, you'll lose them.

One of the best ways to get attention is with visuals. Whether it's bright colors or striking designs, people lock onto things that catch the eye.

Social media provides ample opportunity for businesses to do just that. Instagram and YouTube, in particular, give posters the opportunity to sell using visuals.

The issue here is that many other businesses are trying to do the same. To ensure that your page stands out on social media, you'll have to invest time and strategy in your posts.

If you're not proficient when it comes to creating visual media, it might be an idea to hire a third party to create photo or video content for your platforms.

5. Brand Building

Marketing experts have long known about the importance of branding when it comes to selling products. Everyone recognizes the golden arches of McDonald's or the Nike swoosh when they see them.

Once confined to newspapers and televisions, these kinds of logos are now everywhere on social media as well. This gives smaller companies a chance to expose their brand to thousands of people.

As your brand becomes more recognizable, potential clients will begin to trust it. Once you establish a link between your brand and high quality in the minds of clients, you'll start to see more sales.

6. The Inbound Structure

There are two main classifications when it comes to marketing strategies. These are inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is any strategy which requires the marketer to actively pursue leads. A classic example of this is the cold call.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is any marketing approach where leads to come to you.

While outbound marketing can be successful in certain situations, marketing experts agree that inbound techniques are more efficient. Because you're attracting the attention of a huge number of potential clients on social media sites and other online platforms, your reach is much greater than if you were targeting clients individually.

Social media is the best possible platform for inbound marketing content. Posting content is free and your reach is potentially infinite.

7. Customer Engagement

Social media thrive on engagement. Simple posts can reach hundreds of thousands of people through likes and shares if they hit the right note.

This means that persuading viewers to interact with your content is crucial to making sales. Once people start interacting, however, the results can come quickly.

Online platforms nowadays make conversion easier than it has ever been by far. Through a well-designed deep linking strategy, you can bring a prospect from the point of seeing a social media ad to buying your product in a couple of clicks.

Exploiting the Benefits of Social Media to Succeed in Business in 2020

As you can see, the benefits of social media are undeniable. If you want to make the most of your business in this day and age, you need to be leveraging social media to your advantage.

To find out more about how we can help you use social media and other online platforms to grow your business, contact us today.

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